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Product overview
matriXscan apex III is a high performance anti-spam solution. With a patented, self-developed spam detection technology, it has high detection rate on Japanese spam that are increasing in recent years.
Imatrix developed the spam detection framework of matriXscan apex III for Japanese users. It links with a specialized cloud detection center built in Japan to identify and block all kinds of spam emails even the latest of ever-changing ones.
Also with the virtual appliance, it is easy to implement into virtual environments, so many users can appreciate the improvements. The benefit of matriXscan apex III is not only the great usability and the easy implementation, but also after service offered in Japan. Our customers enjoy the thorough email security.
matrixscan overview

product outline of matriXscan

Optional features
Integrated virus solution
Email flow control
Virtual appliace
Integrated virus solution

integrated anti-virus software

Emails are one of the major mediums for virus invasions. By scanning emails, matriXscan apex III prevents virus infections.
With several antivirus engines running multiple scans, matriXscan apex III completely blocks any infections.
Email flow control

mail flow control

matriXscan apex III’s email flow control feature scans mail flow on IP level. With IP reputation service technology (filtering and evaluation) matriXscan apex III will block emails sent from low reliability IP address before they enter into the internal email system. Therefore, it reduces the loads on the system.
Virtual appliace

virtual appliance

matriXscan apex III can be deployed as a virtual appliance. Therefore, it can flexibly adapt to sudden changes in the user environments or change in amount of spam emails. Also, matriXscan apex III optimizes resources and reduces costs by using the same physical server as other virtual servers, and sharing a spare device with other virtual servers.
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