Development Engineers and System
[Engineers for integrated email system and other in-house products]

We offer a next generation email system matriXmail and the leading email security system matriXscan.
We have constantly been developing products that have impacted the market.
Please join us to develop these products and future products with us as development engineers and system engineers.
Job Description Developing application and middleware for matriXmail and matriXscan.
Requirements We are looking for persons who have skills and knowledge on communications, network, storage, and security.
If you have any of the experience and/or capabilities below, this may be an exciting position for you.
・Experience at telecommunications or large ISP companies
・Experience as network-based system integrator
・Experience at competitor companies
・Able to develop with a creative approach while thinking logically and mathematically
・Able to make use of PhD and masters degrees
・Has standout skills as an engineer

Customer Relations and Customer Support

Tasks related to our world-class in-house products such as our mail security appliance product matriXscan that protect companies from spam and viruses.
Job Description [Customer Support]
We outsource work to top-class field support companies Hitachi Systems and NEC Fielding.
(Deploys hundreds of 24hour 365days service offices nationwide)
We are looking for persons who will support and manage these accounts.
Also, will be involved with production engineering with secondary support and shipping preparations with anti-spam services.
Requirements Experience and skills as a support engineer, network engineer, or development engineer.
Knowledge about TCP/IP, skills with C, C++, Java, and most importantly, individuals with unique personality and ideas.
Office location Saginuma, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
2 min walk from Saginuma station on Tokyu Denentoshi Line.
Office hours 9:30~18:00
Compensation Depends on position and experience
Promotion and bonuses Depends on position and experience
Allowances Commuting expense (up to 50,000JPY a month), other allowances
Holidays and Vacations Weekends off, holidays, year-end and new-year, summer breaks, congratulation or condolence leaves, paid holidays.
※Over 120 non-work days in a year.
Benefits Full social insurance, company trip
Contact us If you wish to apply for a position, please send your resume or CV to the address below.
Imatrix Corp. Recruiting team
Saginuma Center Bldg. 4F
3-2-6 Saginuma, Miyamae-ku, Kawasaki-shi
Kanagawa 216-0004, Japan
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