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Using the cloud for emails

Is it safe environment enough?

Most companies still use on-premises systems that are implemented internally.The benefits of the on-premises system are as follows.

Benefits of on-premises systems

 ・You can freely choose where to set up the hardware.​
 ・You can manage the network based on internal corporate security policies.​
 ・You can set access restrictions by coordinating with monitoring tools and hacker detectors.​
 ・Only certain administrators are granted access to manage and operate, in accordance with internal corporate policies.​

However, there are some issues that trouble system administrators.

Issues with on-premises systems

 ・Increasing number of users and data puts stress on server capacity.​
 ・Increasing number of users and data causes more workload on servers and email processing becomes slower.​
 ・Therefore, periodic reinforcements or replacements of email servers become necessary. ​

In recent years, there are increasing numbers of companies switching from on-premises to cloud-based systems to solve issues mentioned above. In addition, there are more benefits to cloud-based systems. ​

 ・Reduce operation and administration costs of internal corporate IT environments.​
 ・Able to continue operations at time of disaster.​

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based systems is that they reduce cost and trouble as they eliminate the need to replace or enhance mail servers. However these benefits come with thoughts of large risks. Is it really safe to put important data like user database and mailboxes on the cloud?
It only takes one security breach to cause not only loss of trust from clients, but lawsuits and legal actions that may cost millions of dollars. Could your company be overlooking the issues and risks that come with using a cloud-based system?
Issues with the implementation of cloud-based systems
matriXmail is a new email solution that lets your company keep the benefits of using on-premises systems, but also eliminate issues that come with it. With matriXmail, you do not need to use the cloud!​
Product overview

product outline of matriXmail

matrixmail features

features of matriXmail

Integrated email system
matriXmail is an email appliance product that provides an integrated email system platform with multiple features like delivery engine (MTA), storage (mailbox archiving), LDAP, webmail, etc.
There is no need to build each system separately, so costs related to the initial implementation and operation can be reduced drastically.
Product features
non-stop email distribution
data reprication
Prevent issues related to email deliveres by managing workload
Cluster system with high availability and high extensibility
non-stop email distribution

non-stop mail delivery

As multiple nodes are constantly active, the email system will continue to operate even if one node stops working.
Also, by just adding the matriXmail node, it becomes easy to extend capacity for more users and email data.
In addition, the email system will not have to stop during expansion.
data reprication

data reprication

Since there are more than three replicated data stored separately into storages, there is no risk of losing the data even if one node stops.
Also, the data is automatically repaired to the condition at the time of stoppage.
Prevent issues related to email deliveres by balancing loads

revention of the mail delivering trouble eith Load balancing

Enables efficient use of system resources by distributing email-processing workload to each node.
With this, email processing is done fast even at large volumes, and prevents business opportunity losses that occur from delayed email delivery and delivery errors.
Other features
Webmail+ is a GUI Web mail client, which has intuitive controls and is user-friendly.
Not just a simple webmail, it also offers various application features.
Example: Webmail, Shared address book, calendars etc.
Web mail+
Web mail+
Allows for consistent management of mail servers, webmail, mailboxes, and storages that had been traditionally managed separately.
matriXmail supports IT administrators, ISP, and SaaS providers to reduce workload and streamline operations.
Global policy manager
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