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Product overview
Imatrix is the official sales agent for Micro Focus’s RUMBA® and OnWeb Web-to-Host® in Japan.
Rumba and OnWeb are terminal emulators that connect IBM System Z and System i (AS400) to PCs directly or through networks.
About Micro Focus
Micro Focus is a software vendor headquartered in England.
Micro Focus mainly provides software that enables to develop business use applications. Their software has been implemented to 18,000 companies, including 91 companies on Fortune 100.
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Rumba(PC to Host) Onweb(Web-to-Host)
Rumba provides a tool that efficiently and flexibly connects Windows PC desktops to IBM mainframes (AS400).
Users can securely access mainframe applications and databases from PC desktops.
OnWeb Web-to-Host provides access to IBM mainframe, AS400 through browsers such as Windows Explorer, Internet and intranet.
Rumba(PC to Host) Onweb(Web-to-Host) image
TN3270E、TN5250E、MS SNA、802.2DLC、SDLC、IPX/SPX、APPC、Twinnax etc
You can manage all the necessary applications in one folder. Toggle between applications by just clicking tabs.
You can jump to frequently used screens with one click.
[Data Access]
With DB direct access, you can check and update database, transfer files without being bothered by the terminal emulator.
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