Mail Evaluation System

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Product Summary

mail evaluation system

matriXinsight is the solution that automatically learn what is normal and look for any abnormalities in emails.

Emails are constantly learned and analized by Imatrix's cutting edge AI technology detecting anomalies such as internal fraud, human error, and bots attacks.

It is effective not only for information leakage from outgoing mail but also for early detection of internal compliance violations. Detected emails are extracted in real time, and advanced reports can easily identify "when", "who" and "what" emails were sent.

AI・Deep Learning

KizAssy AI Platform

The matriXinsight utilizes the state-of-the-art "KizAssy" AI / Deep Learning technology to analyze and learn all emails. This unique deep learning technology makes it possible to quickly identify normal emails from emails that may threaten corporate information assets, such as internal errors and frauds, insider data leaks, and exposes potential risks.

We provide high quality email evaluation system that supports companies from the inside efficiently by using the reliable technology that has been cultivated through many years of system development.


Outbound Mail Security


Visualization(Report Function)

When an anomaly is detected in the email, notify the administrator of the incident information.

The combination of an intuitive interface and advanced reporting functions makes it possible not only to easily search for detected emails as needed, but also to aggregate and graph in various perspectives such as by user and by group.

Individuals and departments with a large number of detection emails can check the cause of the increase in detection emails and quickly grasp the information security situation in the company for risks such as information leakage.

Misoperation Prevention

①Attachment Encryption
Reduce the risk of information leakage by automating complicated file encryption and password transmission.
②Temporary Hold
By storing sent mail in Matrix Insight for a fixed time, you can cancel sending process if it is within the set time.
③Supervisory Approval
The superintendent (third party) checks the sent e-mail, and stops the e-mail sending that leads to false transmission and information leakage. If the supervisor can not approve on a business trip etc., it is possible to transfer the authority in advance.
④Privacy Filter
Search and track personal information such as name, address etc. included in sent mail. Prevent the leakage of confidential information.

※Coming Soon

Multilingual Analysis Technology

The Multilingual Analysis technology offers analysis and evaluations of email in real time, regardless of the type of language used in the mail.

By applying artificial intelligence to email data, “matriXinsight” is able to develop a multi-dimensional model which contains individuals’ tendencies and uniqueness.

Relationship Analysis Technology

Relationship analysis technology can analyze the relationships between employees and their email contacts, both internal and external.

By fusing artificial intelligence and patented “Analysis Method Using Graph Theory, Analysis Program, and Analysis System,” “matriXinsight” can visualize complex relationships that are easily buried in an organization, such as, but not limited to harassment of any kind or negativities.

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